What to Expect When You Get Veneers

Improving your smile begins with something as simple as the desire to make a better first impression. Once you express your interest to your cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll start down the path towards a new sense of self-confidence. There’s no need to worry that getting cosmetic procedures will cause discomfort or cost more than you can afford. Treatments like veneers are easy, affordable, and designed to last for years. Working with your dentist will help you determine if this is the right solution for you. Committing to veneers means going through a relatively quick process that involves a few distinct steps. Prepare for your new veneers by exploring a detailed breakdown that answers the question “How are veneers done?”

1. Addressing Specific Dental Issues

First, you need to make sure you have good overall dental health. Issues like loose teeth, gum disease, or serious damage may need separate treatment before you get veneers in Gilbert Arizona. Your dentist can examine your teeth and let you know if veneers are a good fit for dealing with more minor issues like gaps between the teeth, alignment issues, and persistent stains. They’ll also let you know if other cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening will be needed to help blend the veneers with the rest of your smile. You’ll get a better idea of what to expect, including previews of what your smile might look like after the veneers. If you’re grinding your teeth, you’ll need to treat that issue before getting veneers because they’ll quickly become damaged.

2. Preparing for Veneers

Even for veneer procedures known as “no-prep”, some preparations are needed. Your dentist will start by giving you a thorough cleaning to make an accurate decision on how much shaping is needed. During the shaping process, a small amount of tooth enamel is removed. This creates a space for the veneer to fit seamlessly against the rest of the natural teeth. Your dentist can tell you how much shaping is needed and give you an initial scan so they can start designing the potential veneers. This is when you’ll get the most accurate quote for the final veneers cost as well.

3. Designing the Veneers

If you decide to move forward in getting veneers, the dentist will design them in earnest. They’ll take a scan or impression of your current smile so they can use advanced software to model what your future veneers will look like. You’ll get an accurate representation of what to expect before you commit to the shaping and prepping visit. Your dentist may already take care of tooth whitening during this visit to prepare you for the rest of the work. While you can get a single veneer to deal with a problem tooth, many patients get between six to eight veneers to completely overhaul the most visible front teeth at once.

You need to choose a material for the veneers during this stage of the process. Porcelain veneers are among the most durable and have a highly realistic appearance. They’re also resistant to stains from coffee or red wine. Composite veneers are more affordable and offer almost as much strength as porcelain. However, you’ll need to avoid staining food and drinks. Ultra-thin veneers require the least shaping of the teeth, but they also don’t work as well for covering discoloration.

4. Surfacing and Shaping the Teeth

This is the step of the veneer process that most patients are nervous about. Keep in mind that modern veneers require very little removal of the natural tooth surface. Your dentist will carefully shape and roughen the surface of each tooth so the veneer gets a good grip. You won’t feel a thing because of the local anesthetic. Sedation is also available if you’re nervous. The newly shaped teeth are scanned or an impression is made so the veneers fit perfectly over them.

5. Waiting for Manufacturing

Your dentist will likely offer you a set of temporary veneers or caps to wear while your real veneers are being manufactured by one of the finest dental labs in the area. Veneers in Phoenix Arizona tend to take about one to three weeks to come back from the manufacturer. You’ll wear your temporary veneers for that time. It only takes a few minutes to bond the temporary covers to the teeth. When your dentist gets the veneers in, they’ll schedule an appointment to put them on. You may need to take extra care with the temporary set since they’re attached with a less secure cement to make them easy to remove. Avoid chewing on anything too hard, crunchy, or chewy until you can see the dentist again. Taking care of your temporary veneers prevents the need for an emergency visit before the permanent veneers are in place.

6. Permanent Fitting

The dentist can easily remove the temporary veneers they put on and buff off the cement. They’ll loosely fit the veneers and let you get a good look in the mirror. This is the point where you should discuss any desired changes to the appearance of the veneers or concerns you have about the fit. Once you’re happy with how they look, the dentist will permanently adhere the veneers to the surface of the tooth. This involves a liquid cement product that is cured with a UV light. Permanent placement only takes a little longer than the temporary installation. Within a short time, you’ll be admiring your new smile. You can return to your normal routine with no real recovery time or modifications to your usual habits. Just make sure you follow any instructions given to you by the dentist.

7. Final Results

You shouldn’t need any specific appointments with your veneer specialist after that point unless something goes wrong. Take care of your new veneers by avoiding habits like chewing on pens or ice. Take care when biting and chewing anything too hard or chewy. If you are concerned that your veneers need adjustment, make an appointment to see your dentist. There are many minor changes that can be made in a single visit that might drastically change the appearance of your new veneers. You should be happy for a decade or more with your cosmetic dental work as long as you take care of them.

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