How to Choose the Right Veneers Specialist

Whether you're correcting a minor imperfection with one or two veneers or creating a whole new look with a complete set, choosing the right veneer specialist to work with is vital. The cosmetic dentist you select for your dental veneer treatment not only impacts your experience throughout the dental veneer treatment process but also your treatment results. 

How to Choose the Right Veneer Specialist: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix

1. Experience, Reviews, and Your Comfort Level

When choosing a dentist to do your dental veneers, you want to select a specialist who has advanced training in the specific fields of dentistry that enable them to excel in dental veneer treatment. You want to look for a dentist who focuses on providing minimally invasive treatments and specializes in adhesive, aesthetic, and biomimetic dentistry. These fields of study and expertise are all applicable to treatment with dental veneers. Additionally, take a look at your dentist's education, continuing training, memberships, and associations. 

In addition, it's always smart to read reviews from other patients. Learn about the experience that others have had with the dentist and office.

Ask if you can stop by to visit the office. Patient comfort is important during any dental treatment, so it's good to find out if you feel comfortable in the dental office's environment before you begin treatment. Stop by, introduce yourself, and take a look around. 

2. Types of Dental Veneers Offered

When considering treatment with dental veneers, ask your specialist about the types of dental veneers they provide (i.e. porcelain, zirconium, composite resin, Lumineers, etc.). Find out what treatment options you have and what kinds of materials they use and recommend. 

The type of dental veneers you get can have an impact on their durability, appearance, and cost. So, you'll need to consider all of these factors, and it's best if you talk with a veneers specialist who can understand your treatment goals and preferences while helping you weigh the pros and cons of your various choices. 

3. Treatment Results and Aesthetics

When choosing a veneer specialist, you can ask to see photos of previous treatment results. While every patient, every smile, and all treatment results are unique, looking at before and after photos can help you get an idea of the kind of results you can expect from treatment with dental veneers and with the specialist you are considering. Make sure you select a specialist who can achieve a natural-looking, beautiful, and elevated aesthetic with dental veneers. 

4. Additional Services and Dental Care

When you get dental veneers, it's important to note that you will likely need repairs in the future - especially depending on how well you take care of your new set of veneers. For many patients, the convenience of finding a specialist who can also be their general dentist is vital.

If you would like to have the dentist who performs your routine dental examinations guide you through the process of getting dental veneers, then look for a specialist who also provides comprehensive dental care. For many patients, this is not only a convenient choice but also a better choice because your primary dentist is more familiar with your dental health and history and will also be able to keep a close watch on your veneers during future dental checkups. 

5. How Much Do Veneers Cost?

The cost of dental veneers can vary drastically depending on the type of veneers, the number of teeth being treated, and the type of teeth being treated. They can range from anywhere from $400 to $2,000 per tooth. 

Since dental veneers are typically considered a purely cosmetic-purposed treatment, their cost is not often covered by dental insurance. So, considering your budget and the cost of treatment is also important when selecting a specialist. However, when it comes to your teeth and your physical appearance, it's best not to compromise on quality. So, be wary of choosing a provider who charges way less than the average veneer specialist in your area. 

How Are Veneers Done? What to Expect When Getting Dental Veneers With Our Cosmetic Dentist in Gilbert

Dental veneers are a permanent cosmetic treatment. The process of getting dental veneers begins with a consultation where we discuss the patient's treatment plan and expectations. 

At this first appointment, we must prepare the surfaces of the teeth to receive the dental veneers. This involves removing a very thin portion of the tooth enamel. Once prepped, we take digital scans of the patient's teeth and send this information to our dental lab where the veneers will be custom-designed and made. We then fit the patient with temporary veneers. 

Once their veneers are ready, we schedule a fitting appointment. During this appointment, the veneers will be placed, permanently attached, and fitted to the patient's teeth using special dental cement. Once complete, the patient is ready to enjoy their new smile. 

Transform Your Smile With Dental Veneers in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether you have minor imperfections or more complex cosmetic issues with your smile's current appearance, you can create the smile of your dreams by getting dental veneers in Gilbert, Arizona. Dr. Schiffenhaus and his team are highly experienced in providing patients with positive experiences in our office that deliver exceptional results.

We use advanced dental technology and work one-on-one with each patient to gain a clear understanding of their concerns and treatment goals before recommending a personalized treatment plan. Each treatment plant is designed to help our patients improve and maintain their oral health while creating a pleasing and attractive smile aesthetic. 

To learn more about dental veneers or our complete menu of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services, we welcome you to contact our office to request a consultation with Dr. Schiffenhaus today. 

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